Mad Kim

Sculpture of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un

Mad Kim is a 5 feet plaster sculpture of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.
The sculpture has a polystyrene structure (only the head has a fiberglass structure), 
finally painted with glossy black paint.
This is my first experience in sculpture, realized in collaboration with
PLUCK Scenografie.

The sculpture portrays the dictator Kim Jong Un posing frivolous, like a giant caricature,
highlighting the absurdity of the subject. 
I wanted to bring attention - with a critical remark - to the delicate situation of North Korea, apparently forgotten by the media and little-known due to the limited and questionable news filtering by the regime.
Since its founding, North Korea has been ruled by the Kim family, currently headed by Kim Jong-un, under a state-run socialist government that many consider to be a Stalinist dictatorship.
Kim Jong Un is a ruthless freakishly tyrant,  under whose dictatorship are currently committed terrible atrocities, compared by a recent report of the United Nations, to the crimes committed by Nazis.

Photo credits: Marcello Bocchieri ( Extempora studio )